• Hotel options: there is a varied offer in Casablanca, from cheap to very expensive options.
  • The cost of a single room can vary from 35 euros to more than 200 euros, with an average of 50-60 euros.
  • We will negotiate a preferential rate for the seminar participants and let you know as soon as possible.
  • Airbnb is also a good option, allowing you to stay at local people houses and may be to share accommodation:


  • “Royal Air Maroc” is the Moroccan airlines company. It has regular connections with most of European capitals and main cities, but also from other continents. 
  • You can also book with other airlines (Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, TAP, Alitialia…) or low cost companies (Easyjet, Jetairfly, Ryanair, Air Méditerranée…). 

From the airport

  • there is train, leaving every hour from 4 am to 23:45 pm, with 3 different stops in the city (last one is Casa Port – down town), Prices: around 4 euros (2nd class) to around 6 euros (1st class)
  • You can also take a taxi that take will bring you at your hotel or any specific place, Price: 25 euros. 

In the city

  • you can use public transport.
  • Buses are not really reliable (not precise timetable and itinerary).
  • A tramway line is available and can take you to many places in the city: tickets price is around 0,6 euro
  • Taxis are not very expensive (red car – “Petit taxi” plate).


  • The average temperature in Casablanca in April is very mild at 15.4 °C.
  • The average sea temperature is 17 °C.
  • Afternoons can be warm with average high temperatures reaching 20 °C.
  • Overnight temperatures are generally quite mild with an average low of 11 °C.
  • The mean daily temperature variation/ range is 9 °C (16.2 °F). 
  • The weather is a little parched with infrequent rain.
  • The heavens above Casablanca are moderately sunny having on balance a respectable splendid sunlight daily, approximately 65.3% of daylight hours.

Currency change

  • Moroccan currency is DIRHAM (MAD).
  • 1 euro = 11,2 MAD
  • You can change money in all the banks and also in dedicated change agencies.

Culture and arts

Casablanca…is not the Hollywood movie! But it…

  • … is the economic capital of Morocco and the largest city of the country.
  • … is a modern city, multicultural and open to the world.
  • … is huge and noisy, not so clean, but so attractive.
  • … has one of the most important Art-Deco architecture heritage in the world
  • … has the most intense arts and culture life
  • … is a mix of modern and traditional places (city centre, Habous, medina, Hassan 2nd mosque, commercial area..)
  • … has a great history of jazz music, cabaret and you can enjoy a drink in many different places.
  • … is located along the Atlantic ocean, with several beaches, waves, surfing spots…and cold water ! 
  • … has kind and helpful inhabitants, coming from all regions in Morocco and from many other foreign countries.

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Morocco at a glance

  • Official name: Kingdom of Morocco
  • Regime: Monarchy
  • Head of State: King Mohammed VI (since 30 July 1999)
  • Prime minister: M. Abdelilah Benkirane (since 29 Novembre 2011)
  • Capital: Rabat
  • Principal cities: Casablanca, Fès, Tanger, Meknès, Marrakech, Salé, Agadir
  • Official languages: Arabic, Tamazight (Berber)
  • Current languages: dialectal Arabic (darija), Berber languages, French (trade, politics, diplomacy)
  • Population: 33,0 millions
  • Religion(s): Islam Sunnite Malikite (99 %), Christians, Jews (1 %)

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