ORACLE annual meetings are designed to continue the ethos of the European Diploma training and stimulate members to dream up and develop new projects, share innovative ideas and create genuine inter-cultural exchanges.

Each meeting program is unique to the host city and may include any of the following:

  • A welcome and introduction from cultural leaders in the host city
  • Intercultural dinner
  • Visits to inspiring cultural venues, performances and projects in the host city
  • News and report from the board
  • Key note speakers and presentations
  • Discussion topics
  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Cultural encounters and exchanges
  • A chance to meet and catch up with colleagues

We will try not to make the Oracle Network too proper and polite; we are aware that cultural innovation sounds worthy, but dull!

We will keep space and time free for our members with no obvious social or cultural purpose and for pure serendipity – encounters that we simply don’t design in advance.

We hope the meetings will stimulate members to question and not to assume and to take on board different points of view that we may otherwise not have encountered – in this way we will already be facilitating positive social change from the inside out.

Future meetings


Oracle 2019 meeting will take place in Budapest, Hungary


Previous meetings

Gdansk 2018
Maastricht 2017
Casablanca 2016
Pilsen 2015
Delphi 2014
Aries/Marseille 2013
Copenhagen 2012
Madrid 2011
Luxembourg 2010
Seville 2009
Ljubljana 2008
Vienna 2007
Ohrid 2006
Brussels 2005
Oulu 2002
Belgrade 2001
Paris 2000
Lille 1999
Tatihou 1997
Krakow 1994