Marta Nowicka

President of Orale Cultural Network / Education Specialist

Brief biography

Graduated from Serbian (BA) and Polish (BA and MA) philology at University of Gdańsk. In 2009 finished also a postsecondary school of Psychology and Sociology.

Since 2009 is working at Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre as Specialist of Education – running Polish and international projects, conducting workshops (for pupils, students, elderly people). Creates new conceptions for educational activity and involving young people in subject of theatre and other artistic events. Interested also in Cultural Otherness projects.

Since 2013 is also an Assistant of the Head of “Performing Arts Department” at Gdańsk University. Coordinating new in Poland type of “Art Management” studies, that involves connecting management skills with real artistic practice.

Board member of Polish Shakespeare Association.

Right now is also finishing her PhD thesis about concept of “The Other” in philosophy.


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