Torbjörn Lindström

Brief biography

Born in the deep forests of north Swedish Lapland I grew up as a nomad and lived in several countries as a child and youngster. I lived, for example, in South Africa and later went to a German Gymnasium in Bonn, so my german and english is ok. Back in Sweden I studied history of religions at Stockholm University but changed career to learning and performing wood and metal crafts, wich are my passions except for project and cultural management. After some years working as a cultural entrepreneur I educated myself to be a Crafts Advisor, sort of a curator and cultural manager in the crafts cultural and creative sector in Swedish regions. I also studied Ethnology and a special course on European Cutural Identities. After working in the Swedish Region of Värmland with developing the crafts sector for ten years I changed job and region to the Region Västra Götaland where I am now Head of the Regional Crafts development unit whith 9 craft developers/advisors under my leadership. I am also amongst many other obligations and member of different task groups currently the chairman of the association of Swedish Crafts Advisors/developers and member of the election board of the National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies. Currently besides working as head of unit at Västarvet I am also studying, part time, at the University of Gothenburg, Department of conservation – especially crafts as immaterial cultural heritage. I like to learn constantly and am always curious about new things, ideas and people.

I attended the European Diploma in 2002-03 and arranged diploma sessions in Region Västra Götaland in 2005 and 2017 in Cooperation whit Foundation Marcel Hicter.

For more information on my current proffessional activities please visit

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