Brief biography


My explorations into cultures other than my own, have taken me to many different parts of the world, and have affected practically all aspects of my life and career. 

After been travelling, studying and working in different countries I have created/founded in the Netherlands (Maastricht) a CreArt Agency and  Consultancy  “Caravan Cultura”. It has an extension in Brussels.

The purpose of this CreArt Agency is to foster, support and promote cross-cultural understanding and respect between creative’s of Europe and Eurasia. My Caravan Cultura bridges not only “civil”, but cultural and creative societies, tries to bring an understanding of them in an innovative and exciting way via multifaceted cultural educational programs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

I supplemented these experiences with the strong framework of knowledge in the field of European Cultural Management, offered by Marcel Hicter Foundation’s Education Program and the Diploma, which I obtained in 2009 in Delphi, Greece (as, I guess, all of us during different periods of time).

My aims and how I would like to support Oracle’s cultural network and its members, in order to reveal its creative potential, is to assist to find a wider audience and establish contacts on the European Union’s level, by means of arranging an annual cultural and creative manifestation, and exchange of ORACLE’s cultural mediators and managers during such event with different organizations and networks in Brussels. These organizations and networks on the EU level are ready to collaborate in order to transfer knowledge and experience between cultural domains and interests of our ORACLE’s members and EU potential partners, where activities will have a lasting effect and involvement for the future to come.

Being a part of such new initiative and organizing such annual gatherings on different relevant topics, related to European Union cultural policies and strategies is the ideal next step towards my goal, where I can utilize practical and theoretical skills of different domains of European Union’s policies and decision making, where communication, PR and educational events and program management play important role and have solid impact.

Participating in the process of creation, preparation, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and managing of  such annual events for ORACLE’s members will reflect that ORACLE cultural network have both the practical skills and the intellectual sophistication to excel in the role-to become a credible and active European network on EU level.

I look forward to our collaboration to come!

Yelena Kharitonova


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